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The company owns all its premises and it is active in the real estate development.

Our Real-Estate business was established years before just to provide services for Batterjee Group of companies. Our support/services network is as follows:

Dammam – Modern Office Building
Jeddah – Main Administration Building
Riyadh – Office Building

We own a number of lands and buildings making the company at ease whenever a need arises for an office building.

Most of our office buildings and stores are solely owned by the company and real estate division with all its assets is valued at approximately SAR 40 Million. Once we complete the required official papers, we plan to serve the public through a contracting division along with real estate market.

At present, we are renovating the main store in Jeddah according to the Saudi FDA requirements and our future plan is to do the same to all our stores across the kingdom. There is also a plan to have a new building for the main Administration Office located north of Jeddah.

The company now owns the following:
In Jeddah:
  • The Main Administration Building on Palastine Street
  • The Old Administration Building in Shati District
  • A Land across the Old Building
  • The Main Store in Warehouse area of the Industrial City
  • Two pieces of land in East Part of Jeddah that could be utilized as store once needed

In Riyadh:

  • The Main Administration Building
  • Two locations for warehouses

In Abha:

  • One unused building at the present time
  • Five pieces of land
  • One Main Building
  • Three Pieces of Land

In Madinah:
  • Three pieces of land

In Gizan:
  • Two pieces of land overlooking one of the main road

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